Monday, October 11, 2010

MCE3: Oh and stuff

Sooooo, ...I'm like people or something, right? People seem to like traveling- maybe? And when they do that, they usually like to kick it up a notch: not only go to THIS place that they've traveled to... they like to micro travel and go to little places. And not just to Safeways or Super Fresh Supermarkets. Sometimes people like to eat out. Or walk down the main street. It's fun... "What if I lived here?" "What if WE lived here?" Maybe they like to buy spoons that have town names.
And you know what, I like to travel. I like to observe how the natives do. BUT! who, in this day and age with gas prices up high like this and job shortages like that, can afford to travel. Well, awesomely rich rich rich folks.... and indie rock kids?
Well, the latter- not so much. But it kind of runs with the territory. We like playing shows. People sometimes like hearing us. Sometimes that yields $75 bucks. And that can occasionally get you to another town.
As it happens to turn out, I play in a band. We occasionally make gas money. And then we drive to a town and try to duplicate it, playing music that we like and hope that will resonate sympathetically- or not- with others there, BUT AT THE VERY LEAST will affect them if they'll let it.
It's not a bad deal, too, if you save a lot before hand, work very hard typing away to people, try to play everyday, and be nice to others- we want to enjoy life cooperatively with others since it's so awesome to meet awesome people-... well, the journey yields some cool finds.
So here it is: I enjoy to travel. I enjoy to play music. I enjoy hearing great music from bands that I'd never have heard before had I not been there right then. I wish others could too. I enjoy meeting people and checking out their take on it all.
I also really enjoy great coffee. I like the communal aspect of it. I like the creative nuances and sparkling beauty of natural things. Coffee, when grown carefully, processed carefully, roasted carefully, and prepared carefully... is AWESOME. Drinking it can be a brilliant experience. Ten years ago, I'd of thought that was crazy talk. Then, one day... unexpectedly, things changed.
Here's the thing: I love to travel, I love to hear music, I love drinking coffee, I love people most of the time, I love hanging, and I've ALWAYS wanted to document the things I have discovered for family and friends. I've blown chances for one reason or another before... I DON'T WANT TO BLOW ANYMORE CHANCES!
May I present to you,

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