Thursday, March 17, 2011

MCE#no: fuuuuucck...

Been a while, huh?
It's hilarious in retrospect.

When I started this blog up again for the tour, I felt energized and determined. My journey created a much needed momentum and sense of purpose.

Things were going well. I saw some great bands, tasted great coffee, put a few burritos and doughnuts away, and taken some photos in the process.

And then one night in Boone, NC, ...I got shut down. HARD. Some friends that Hermit Thrushes were on tour with asked to borrow my laptop to project some images of Preditor (the movie!) over them while they were playing. I allowed it. A few songs later a mystery pint of beer dropped on my laptop. No more computer from November to January.

Luckily, all was not lost and I was able to retrieve the data. While, emotionally, the content may feel dated to me, it may still be relevant. In an effort to keep things going because documentations of my experiences are at least important to me and in hoping that this at the very least keeps me energized in an ever evolving good and bad world, I'm going to still release this material. Here goes nothing or something. I hope you enjoy.

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